Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Mandala art T1W7

WALT: Investigate information about Mandala's!
Last week and this week we were learning about Mandala's. We had to find information about what Mandala's do. I found a lot of information about mandala's. Then we also had to make a Mandala and it was challenging but fun. Here is more information about Mandala's.

S: To begin with, did you know that a Mandala symbolizes your journey through the universe and life. Did you know that if you colour or make a Mandala it helps you feel calm and it also helps your spirit. Mandala’s were created by Buddhism but the hindus were the first people to use them. This week we have been learning about Mandala art.

E: Continuing on, People made different kinds of Mandala’s so that it tells a different story. When people are making mandala’s, the design always means something and gives a message. Another way of making a mandala is by using all the materials that are around you. Mandala’s can be painted on wood, stone, paper, cloth and even on walls.

E: Leading up to this, Mandala’s are great to use when you're bored or have nothing to do. I have made a Mandala using the shapes. CHECK OUT MY MANDALA!! - MANDALA ART

In conclusion I really enjoyed finding information and learning more about Mandala's.

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