Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Kiwisport + Volleyball Reflection

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WALT: Reflect about Kiwisport + Volleyball!

How do you feel about Kiwisport this week? Why? (Give at least 2 reasons)
In this session with Peter,

I really liked when we had to do a rally and we had to see who wins. Myself and my friend Constance we kind of arguing because we were trying to figure out who got the point. I also really enjoyed participating and having fun since that was our last session!
Nextime, I think I need to keep working on hitting the ball a bit softer because it was kind of going all over the place and not toward my partner. I think I also need to work no trying to be overconfident.


This week, I learned about how to serve the ball properly to my opponents. Another thing that I learned was how to hit the ball using my arms and also bending my legs so I am able to get under the ball and hit it up!

1 thing that I think I need to improve on is actually in Volleyball is keeping to my space because a lot of the time I am moving around the hole place and not staying where I'm meant to be. Another thing that I think I need to work on in Volleyball is actually watching the ball because I know that I have to be ready and have to watch the ball to see if it's coming my way!

While we are practicing Volleyball, I would like to do more of is serving because it is quite hard to serve from far away. I also want to do more of playing real volleyball games so I can be able to see what I need to work on!

Image result for volleyball png cartoon

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Saturday, 24 March 2018

Kia Manawanui Talent Show! WEEK 10

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IALT: Reflect about our Kia Manawanui Talent Show coming up!

This term we are fundraising for our camp which is camp Raglan. Here are the following things that we need to fundraise for:
- Riffle Range
- BMX bike 
- Waingaro hot pools
- Rock climbing
And also our bus to Raglan.

Myself, Akanesi and Constance have made an Advertisement for our Fundraiser but unfortunately it is not shared to me so hopefully when I go back to school, I will be able to put it on my blog!


The entry for our Talent Show is $3.00 and the following things we are doing on the night are:
- Cake stalls
- Sausages sizzle
- Drinks
- Archery 
and also the bus to Raglan.

There will also be cultural dances, hip hop dances, singing and a lot more performed by our talented students.

There will also be Hangi which cost $12 so if you want some yummy Hangi, then pre order it at our school office because we will not be selling hangi on the night so make sure to order some.

I hope to see you at our talent show!

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Volleyball Wednesday!

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IALT: encourage others to play Volleyball everything Wednesday!

This term, you are doing something new which is doing lunchtime sports. We are doing this because a lot of students get kind of bored so we wanted to spice it up and lunchtimes and encourage them to play out sports. Myself and Akanesi have chosen to play Volleyball every Wednesday because it's something that is fun to do and everyone can corporate in it! 

From the past few weeks, we have been playing many games and at lunchtime and a lot of students join which is so AWESOME! A lot of students are a bit shy to play but Me and Akanesi encourage them to come play if they want to!

As student leaders, this is our lunchtime sports roster:

These are the days that we are on, what our responsibilities are when we are playing our lunchtime sport and what sport we are playing! 

Myself and Akanesi have also made a poster about Volleyball:

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Blog commenting on Aletheia's blog!

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IALT: Comment on other people's blogs from my class!

Today I have chosen to comment on Aletheia's blog because since I have finished my poster, I really wanted to start blogging on other peoples blogs from my classroom. 

Today I have commented about aletheia's self defence reflection. 
Image result for comment

If you look down below, Here is my comment about Aletheia's work!

I really enjoyed commenting on Aletheia's blog because she has a lot of interesting things in her blog posts and she adds a lot of detail. 

If you want to go check out her blog, click here:

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Writing Reflection!

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WALA: Figurative Language! 

Today we had a writing session with Ms. Komor and we were learning about Alliteration and Hyperbole means. In this session, we also learnt about figurative language which means it helps you give flavour and more detail into your writing.

What does Alliteration mean?

Alliteration means when you repeat the first letter in your sentence, in most of the words!

What does hyperbole mean?

Hyperbole means when you over exaggerate stuff/things or be sarcastic.

There were also other figurative languages that we learned yesterday but I wasn't here. 

Here they are:

- Similies
- Onomatopeia
- metaphor
- personification

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Self Defense - Reflection

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WALT: Show what we learned during our self defense lesson!

Today we had to make an eye catching poster about what our self defense lessons. We also had to include the questions that Ms. Komor gaves. I also thought of some more questions so I put in my poster.

We also had to add:

- Colour
- Images
- Different font's
- Interesting facts

To make our posters more interesting for our readers!

During our self defense lessons, I really enjoyed encouraging my classmates and learning the different techniques from Julie. Another thing that I really enjoyed throughout our lessons with Julie was getting to know everyone around me and seeing everyone's different strengths! 

If we had the opportunity to do Self defense again, I would definitely do it again!

I hope you really enjoyed reading my Self Defense reflection.

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Sunday, 18 March 2018

Te Tuhi Reflection

IALT: Reflect on my artwork "I am NZ"

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On Friday we got split up into our home groups and 1 group went to Te Tuhi and the other group stayed behind and did work until we came back. After we came back we switched and the other group went to Te tuhi while my group stayed back and did a reflection about Te Tuhi!

Here is what I did for my Reflection.

Things we used:

  • Paint film
  • Drawing with pencil
  • Etch drawings
  • Coloured paper

Describe the steps you took to create your artwork:

In my artwork, I used clear film paper and painted it black. We then used pencil and drew our designs on the black film paper and used a art technique that Salome (art teacher) showed us. After that, we got to pick a different coloured paper and put it behind the black sheet which made the designs pop out more!

Was etching a new art skill for you?

It was definitely a new skill for me because as soon a I tried it, it was actually a fun skill to learn! It was also a great opportunity for me to show people how to use it and tell others what etching is if they don’t know.

Desribe my end product:

For my end product I did a Screencastify explaining the different designs I used in my artwork. Take a look!


By the way, please mind my voice ... thanks!

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Blog commenting on Lydia's blog!

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IALT: Blog comment on Lydia's blog

Today I am going to be comment on Lydia's blog and the reason why is because she wrote a comment on my work saying that I should of put another picture and so I did it.

 Another reason is because she actually wrote something really thoughtful about me on her blog so I wanted to comment on her blog since she was kind enough to comment on mine.

Yesterday, she also comment on 2 of my other friends blogs and she said the most friendly and positive things about them and if you go on Lydia's blog, you will see what she said!

By the way, here is her blog! CHECK IT OUT

This is my comment to Lydia about her day at the park.

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Thursday, 15 March 2018

Self defence - Lesson #4

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IALT: Reflect about my last day doing Self Defence!

Yesterday was our last lesson with Julie from WSDN (Women's self defence network). It was kind of sad because we all wanted to keep going with our sessions but we couldn't. 

During these sessions that we have been having, I have learnt a lot about how to defend myself if i'm walking home by myself and etc. There were also some things that I need to work on such as kicking if someone grabs me behind my back and also scream a lot louder! 

From today's lesson, we did role plays and so we go into groups of 4. I my group was Leilani, Constance and Akanesi. Julie gave us a sheet and we had to act it out. Our one was really funny and my group enjoyed working together and putting in our own 

 Some things that I learnt about myself in this lesson is to be confident and be yourself!

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

History of Panmure

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IALA: The history of Panmure!

What do you know about PANMURE? Well... I've been researching about the history of Panmure as an assignment that I am meant to do. I have brainstormed what the history of Panmure is so I put it in a DLO. I was meant to do a screencastify but I will be doing it tomorrow so make sure you see tomorrow's blog post.

Anyways, Today we have just started to learn about the history of Panmure and it is going really well. It is great that I am learning more because there are a lot of things that I didn't even know until now. My homework for today was to create a DLO that explains that history of Panmure. 

I have pullet pointed that key ideas that I have found when I was researching! I also have drawn a map of Panmure and this is what it looks like:

Oh and please mind my drawing. THANKS! 😂

This is also my google drawing that I have made:

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New Zealand Population

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IALA: The population in New Zealand!

Guess how many people live in our country for 2018? Well, today I learnt how many people live in our country. I didn't really know before but now I know! The New Zealand population is 4,736,349 and just to let you know, it was 2,736,348 but then we saw that a new baby was born because the number went up!

At school, we did a task with Ms Komor and our WALT was...
WALT: Describe what makes NZ a great place to live in. So we came up with different ideas that make NZ a great place to live in which were:
- Cultures
- Beaches
- native birds
- People
- Mountains
And a lot of other great things!

On the top as you can see, this is the population in NZ, 2018. If you want to read more click this link.


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Monday, 12 March 2018

Kiwisport - Tennis!

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IALT: Reflect on Kiwisport!

Today we got split up into our home groups. Onve group went to kiwisport and the other group had cricket. 

In this kiwisport lesson, we had a rally which is like a challenge but you have cards where you pick one. On that card it has a number. If you get that number, you have to try and hit the ball to your partner without dropping it. If it's a Jack, Queen or King, then that means that you have to try and get ten hits without dropping the ball. 

I really enjoyed this kiwisport lesson today because I got to hang out with a lot of other students that I don't normally hang out with such as Stephney, Mahara and Amon.

Here is a picture of our kiwisport lesson:

I also made a google drawing reflecting about kiwisport. 

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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Whanau conference

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IALT: Reflect on whanau conference!

On Thursday we had Whanau conferences or as some people call it teacher conference. This is when you and your parents/caregivers go and meet with you teachers and talk to them about your learning! 

I really enjoyed telling my teacher what I needed to work on because it was something that t I could be honest about and I got to say what I really needed to work on. Another thing that I enjoyed was listening to the feedback that I got from my teacher because it was a lot of positivity and I was so happy that I got a lot of good feedback.  

As I got feedback from my teacher, I also got feedforward and the feedforward was that I really needed to work more on my blogging because even though I finish my work, I dont blog it so I think that is one of my goals for this year!

Image result for whanau conferences

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Lucas Proudfoot - Assembly

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IALT: Reflect about what happened in assembly!

On Wednesday, we had an assembly where a man named Lucas proudfoot came to visit our school and talk about his book and these different kinds of instruments. If you don't know Lucas Proudfoot, he is a kids book writer and he wrote this own book called "The Proudfoots" since his last name is Proudfoot.

 He showed us these different kinds of cultural instruments which was a didgeridoo, clapsticks, boomerang and also a stomp box. Students also got the opportunity to try the different instruments which was something that they loved. 

Here is a picture of Lucas Proudfoot if you don't know him

On this google drawing, there are some questions that I had to answer. 

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Friday, 2 March 2018

Reflection about maths

WALT: Take a test on Maths!

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Today we had to do our PAT Maths test which was kind of difficult for me because I'm not really good at maths.

What types of questions did you find easy?

The types of questions that I found easy was when it asks me who solves it faster and easier and they give me options to choose from. Another question that I found easy was when they put in multiplication problems in.

What types of questions did you find challenging?

There were many questions that I found challenging and difficult but the main questions that were challenging was when they talk about percentages because I don't really get percentages and I know that I need to work on them more. Another one was when they are talking about fractions because it gets me confused when they ask that question

What do you think you need to improve on with your maths?

In maths, I think I need to improve on my percentages and my fractions so I can get better at them. I also need to improve on working with the given timeframe because you only get 45 minutes and I had to rush a few questions at the end.

Image result for maths

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Thursday, 1 March 2018

Sketch models - Technology lesson 3

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IALT: Reflect on Technology.

Today we had technology with Miss Ferguson and we practicing how to make phone stands using plasticine. Plasticine is kind of like squishy clay that doesn't dry out by the ear. We didn't use clay because it dries our really quickly.

In this lesson, we learnt how to make different kinds of designs with plasticine and we also got to see the different kinds of designs that other people made. My personal favourite was Miss Fergusons because it was a cat design but I thought I was a mouse at first. Another one of my personal favourites was Akanesi's one which was a pokemon ball that holds your phone. 

Here is a pitcure of Miss Ferguson's Cat design:

Here is a picture of Akanesi's design:

I also made 3 designs but my most favourite one was the bed phone stand!
Check it out:

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Self Defence - Lesson 2

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WALT: reflect on what we did in self defence!

Yesterday we had another self defence class with Julie, our self defence teacher.

In this lesson, we learnt about how to defend ourselves if someone grabs us behind or touches us in the wrong places. One thing that I learnt in this session was how to scream really loud for help and how to punch 2 different kinds of ways.

Something that I need to work on in the next session is listening a little bit because I got carried with doing the lesson and I was having a bit too much fun!

Here are some pictures from our self defence lesson:

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