Monday, 30 July 2018

Cook Island Language Week!

Cook Island Language Week:
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WALT: Perform a class item that is a song or dance about the Cook Island culture.

This week is Cook Island language week and the Kia Manawanui Syndicate will be performing a song and dance. This song is by PAO called Kuki Airani. Here is the song:

Image result for Cook island

We have got this WHOLE week to try and learn the song and the dance because we will be performing it on Friday! We will also be having a mufti day and we will be wearing our Cook Island outfits! This week our class is learning how to have a basic conversation in the Cook Island Language! I have partnered up with Leilani and Faka'ata. This video is what helped us!

QUESTION: What do you know about the Cook Island language?

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Kiwisport - Boxing!

Kiwisport - Boxing:
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IALT: Reflect about Kiwisport today

Today we had Kiwisport which is Boxing! We will be doing Boxing for 6 weeks with our coach Pat. One thing that I really enjoyed in this session was that it was really cool and fun trying a sport that I don't normally do! One thing that I didn't really enjoy was that my hands were getting very sweaty in the Boxing gloves but lucky that we wore these gloves first so that when our hands sweat, it wont make the Boxing gloves stink or wet. One thing that I learnt in Boxing today were the 3 commandments which are:

I will have respect for myself, our coach, our peers and the sport of Boxing.

I will have the discipline to turn up to every Boxing session and give %100 my all.

I will not cause harm to others and only practice Boxing in a safe environment under the guidance of a coach.

QUESTION: What's your favourite sport?

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Sunday, 29 July 2018

Reading Jigsaw - Volcanoes!

Reading Jigsaw - Volcanoes:
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WALT: Analyse skills to select key information to summarise the cause and effects of a Natural Disaster

On Friday we have just finished doing our Reading Jigsaw. In this session we have have explained the Causes and Effects of the topic that we have. 

Image result for volcanic eruptions

This is my definition of Volcanic eruptions:

A Volcano is a Mountain or a hill having a crater or vent with lava, rock fragments, ash and gas that has been erupted from the Earth’s crust.

This is the cause of how a Volcanic eruption happens:

When the heat rises inside the Volcano, the lava tries to escape depending on the Volcanoes slopes which causes an eruption. The energy in the Volcano makes gas and dust which puts more pressure and helps the lava explode. The lava also tries to find a way out of the Volcano and since it is high temperature, the lava rises and erupts.

These are the effects of a Volcanic eruption:

  1. People’s houses get burnt down by lava/It damages people’s homes.
  2. Smoke and ash can kill people if they breathe it in.
  3. Volcanoes trigger Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Rockfalls.
  4. When a Volcano erupts, the lava cools down and it turns into land or stone.

One thing that I really enjoyed about our Reading Jigsaw was that I got to learn more about Volcanoes and I also got to got to learn how a Volcano happens. One thing that I found challenging was finding the key information in the text and summarising it into my own words.

QUESTION: What do you know about Volcanoes?

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Happy Birthday Perenara!

Happy Birthday Perenara:
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Today is my cousin Perenara birthday and he is turning 13! A teenager! Me, my sister and him went to the movies at the Botany Downs Center and we watched Hotel Transylvania 3! I think the funniest and best part was when Erika(ships captain) tries to kill Dracula but he is so happy that he is dancing because he really thinks that Erika likes him and he is trying to impress her. One thing that I really enjoyed at the movies was that we brought heaps of food to munch on. One thing that I didn't enjoy at the movies when I was trying to put up the lazy boy but it wouldn't work so I had to sit up at watch the WHOLE movie while Perenara and my sister got to lie back on the lazy boy because there one worked. 

If you don't know what Hotel Transylvania 3 is, here is the trailer:

After watching Hotel Transylvania 3, we went to go do some clothes shopping and we also went to go by Kiwiyo which is like a froyo store but called Kiwiyo! Then after about 4:00pm we came back home on the bus and it started raining so we had to call my nan to come pick us up from the bus station! We had a really fun day! 


By the way, Sorry for kind of spoiling the movie.

QUESTION: What do you do on your birthday besides having a birthday party?

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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Cybersmarts - Blog Commenting!

Cybersmarts - Blog Commenting:
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IALT: Leave a positive, thoughtful or helpful comment on some else's blog

This week we having been leaving comments on other peoples blog! We had to write 1 positive comment on someone's blog, 1 thoughtful comment on another person's blog and a helpful comment on another person's blog! The first blog that I chose to comment on is one of my classmates which is Leilani! This is my Positive comment:

The second blog I chose to comment on is Tiana's and she is from from Glen Taylor school! This is my thoughtful comment:

The last blog I chose to comment on is Aaliyah's and she is from from Saint Pius X. This is my helpful comment:

I really enjoyed comment on other people's blogs and going on to different schools to see what they have been learning about! 

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Reading Jigsaw - Natural disasters!

Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!

WALT: Analyse specific information that will help us identify key ideas in the text

Today we have started our first reading session this term by doing a Reading Jigsaw. We first got put into groups which we call our "Home groups". In my home group there is:
- Edith
- Aja
- Grace
- Mahara
- Faka'ata
- Suave
- Kaleb

Image result for reading

We then had to choose a topic that is related to natural disasters that we wanted to study about. Here is what we had to choose from:
- Hurricanes
- Tornadoes
- Floods
- Earthquakes
- Tsunamis
- Bushfires
- Cyclones

Image result for natural disasters

I chose to study about Volcanoes! After that we got put into another group but this time, it's with the people that chose the same topic that you chose. In my group is Monita, Hevani, Fine and Demetrius. One thing that I am enjoying so far is that I didn't know that much about Volcanoes and now I do. Did you know that there is about 1,500 Volcanoes on Earth and there is about 10,000 Volcanoes underwater. Interesting, right? Well, I can't WAIT to study more about Volcanoes! 

Image result for Volcanoes

QUESTION: Have you ever experienced being in a natural disaster?

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Wednesday, 25 July 2018


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WALT: Explain what we did in Maths

This afternoon we had Maths and we played games that involve fractions, multiplication and place value. One of the games that I really enjoyed playing was the card game where you flip two cards and you have to times them to get the answer. I played with Mary jane, Aja and Bianna. Our total score was:
Mary Jane - 38
Me - 27
Aja - 4 
Bianna - 2

One thing that I think I need to work on is my 8 times tables because they were quite hard and I was getting mixed up. I think that it was good challenging my pairs around me especially Mary Jane because she was really good and I was trying to catch up to her. During the card game, it was really fun to see that my pairs around me were having fun and I got to bond with them a lot more. Since I don't really hang out with them, it was good to see that I split up with my friends for a few hours and got to know my classmates better!

Image result for finger friends images

QUESTION: What do you like about Maths?

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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Maths Test - E-astle

Maths Test - E-asttle:
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IALT: Reflect about my E-asttle test

Today we have done a Maths test that shows Ms. Fepuleai what we need to work on! It was really tough as the questions started to get harder and harder. As Maths is my least favourite subject, I think my goal for is to learn my percentages, meters and kilometers.  The whole class did it and some people managed to finish off all the questions. I think I stopped upto 27 and then my timer stopped. We had 40 minutes to answer 38 questions. I tried to work out all the answers but it was kind of frustrating that we had only 40 minutes to answer.

Image result for maths

One thing that I enjoyed about Maths test is that it is now done! One thing that I need to work on is too slow down when answering the questions because when it came to 2 minutes I kind of rushed a few questions. 

 Questions that I am still wondering is:

How do you add and subtract percentages?
What does factor means in a Maths question?

QUESTION: What do you like about Maths?

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Monday, 23 July 2018

My First Blog Reflection T3W1!

My First Blog Reflection T3W1:
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WALT: Reflect about what we did in the school holidays.

Today is the first day of Term 3 and I can't wait to see what exciting things we will be doing! In the school holidays, I played Fortnite with my cousin and my friend Lydia. Me and my cousin were playing Fortnite everyday which was so fun because I had the game all to myself.
Image result for fortnite

In the holidays it was also my nans birthday and she was turning 68! When she came back from her visit, me and my family went to dinner at Fortuna which is a restaurant at the SkyCity. I enjoyed the school holidays because I got to sleep in and wake up late. On school days I have to wake up at 7:00am which is way too early for me. 

This term I am looking forward to our Netball tournament that might be happening in a few weeks. I am also looking forward to a lot of trips and learning something new! This term I want to improve on my maths because I need to learn how to use faster strategies to solve the answer.

Image result for school gif


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Thursday, 19 July 2018


Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!


HAPPY 68th BIRTHDAY NAN!!! Hope you had a great day and some great food. You do everything for us like pay for our school trips, food, wifi, and a lot of other things. Your one strong nan...when your sick, you never go to sleep instead you get up and starting cleaning the house. When your angry you think about the positives. You are kind, you are caring, you are special to us! Myself and my siblings appreciate you so much and the things that you do for us will never go unnoticed.

Once Again a HUGE Happy Birthday to my nan! xo 😘😘

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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Nan's 68th Birthday tomorrow!

Nan's 68 Birthday tomorrow:
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Tomorrow is my nan's birthday and she is turning 68! We will be celebrating her birthday by going to Genghis Khan next week since it is also going to be my cousins birthday on the 29 of July so we will be celebrating my nan and his birthday next Saturday. If you don't know what Genghis Khan is a buffet where you can choose your own food and you can eat as much as you can! Till then, my nan will be going to visit her uncle that is in the hospital and is very, very sick. She really wanted to go see him for her birthday so my uncle will be taking her while me and my siblings will be staying home with my mum. After that they will be going out to lunch which i'm not sure where. 

Anyways...Hope my nan enjoys her birthday! She has done everything for us and she has been looking after us since we were little. Enjoy your day without us because I know you want to get away for a few hours!

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Tuesday, 17 July 2018

My Holiday...


Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!


As you guys may all the know Fortnite which is the most popular game...I have been spending my holiday playing Fortnite and chilling! Now some people may not like Fortnite but I do because it's actually really fun when you play a couple of games then you start to get use to it. A lot of people ask this question which is "What's so cool about Fortnite?" Yeah I always get that question! Well...some people have there own opinions about Fortnite so to be honest, you don't really have to like it.

So Today I have kind of jumped of Fortnite and started doing some work around the house. I have vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the cupboard, folded the washing and put ALL the washing away. It was actually good that I took time to do something helpful so that my nan could relax! 
Image result for chores

Anyways, Hope you are still having a wonderful holiday! Back to school in 6 more days!!

QUESTION: Are you excited for school?

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Monday, 16 July 2018

Back to school...Term 3 here we come!

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Next week is SCHOOL!! YAYYY... As you may know it will be term 3 which is the second to last term. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends even though we sometimes chat on social media I can't WAIT to see them. One thing that i'm not looking forward to is that I have to get up early for school so i'm going to miss the school holidays and sleeping in! 
Image result for holidays gif

Well, hope you are having a great holiday like I am. 
Question: What are you doing in the holidays for this last week?

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Friday, 13 July 2018


Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!

Image result for visitors
Today as you maybe seen on my last blog post about my aunty, uncle and niece coming today. They came and they had a little talk with my nan and also a BIG feed. They also brought my little niece and nephew. My little nephew was the one that was picking up all the toys that were on the ground which was so cute and my little niece was the one that was naughty and throwing the toys around. Anyways my little sister was having heaps of fun. I was in the room playing fortnite while they were playing around with the toys in the lounge! We also got a mean feed which was K.F.C and there was a lot that was left! 
Image result for comunidades terapêuticas
One thing I enjoyed about today was that I got to see my niece and nephew because the last time I saw them was when they were very little. One thing I didn't enjoy was that when they came they left the door open and it was so cold so I got a blanket but then had to share it with the little kids. 
Image result for little kids clipart

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Thursday, 12 July 2018

Aunty, uncle & niece coming!

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There are A LOT of visitors that come to our house! haha... Well tomorrow my aunty, uncle and niece are coming tomorrow for a visit. my niece is now 7 years old and she is a very shy person but I can't wait to see her again. They are coming all the way from Hamilton which is about a 2 or 1 and a half hour drive. One thing i'm looking forward to is getting a BIG feed because the more people there are, the bigger the feed is!! Nah jokes... 

Anyways hope you enjoy the rest of your day! 

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Nans day out - Thursday!

Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!

Image result for welcome
So today my nan went out with her sisters that have visited from Australia and they went out for lunch, and went to go see my nans aunty that is very sick at the moment. While she, my big sister, my 2 cousins and my brother stayed home. My nan left 40 dollars for food just in case we get hungry so we decided to walk to the shop and buy some chicken nibbles and chips.
After about a few hours my nan came back home and she had another YARN with her sisters. Since my nans sisters are leaving tomorrow morning at 3:00am, they had to go home because they need a big rest and one of my nans sisters was sick so my nan said that it's best if has a big rest so that she feels kind of better in the morning.
Anyways, hope they have a safe trip back in Australia!

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Wednesday, 11 July 2018


Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!


I've had a long day but you probably had a longer day then me. It was a tiring but fun day today. Hope you have a good night and dream big! Remember...Tomorrow is a day away. I will be back with some more blogging.
Image result for goodnight gif

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Nan's day out with her sisters!

Kia ora and welcome back to my blog


So tomorrow my nan is getting up very early because she is going out with her 2 of her sisters that live in Australia so she wants to have a catch up with them before they fly out on Friday (this Friday). My nan can't wait to see her because they normally talk on the phone and her sisters came last year but only visited for a few hours. This time they get to spend the WHOLE day together with a few of my nans other sisters. Unfortunately the kids aren't aloud to go with them so it turns out we are staying home with my mum! YAYYY... but we didn't want to go with them anyways because they talk A LOT and I mean A LOT. But, that means that we have to get up early because there coming at 9:00am and my nan doesn't like it when we are all asleep and someone walks into the house seeing us asleep which is kind of weird.
Image result for day out gif

Hope my nan enjoys herself with her sisters and has a MEAN feed without us!

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Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!

IALT: Reflect about SHOPPING

Today I went to Sylvia Park and I did a little bit of shopping with my sister. We took the train to Sylvia Park because it's fast transport. The shops that I went to was Cotton on, Factory and Just Jeans! My sister went to this other shop too which was supre which is one of her favourite shops. 

While at Sylvia Park, I also went to the food court which was REALLY packed like always. I got myself Mcdonalds for lunch and my sister got butter chicken. After about a few hours me and my sister went back home but then ended up going back to Sylvia Park with my nan because she wanted to go shopping too. 

Anyways...that was my day today and I spent 5 hours out of the house but I did enjoy myself!

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018


Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!


Today was a casual day where I just played fortnite with Lydia and her cousin. I also went to the shop and it felt like I was walking to school when really I was going to the shop. To be honest...I'm missing school SO, SO MUCH because it's SOOOO boring at school. 

Anyways...Hope you have good dreams tonight and make sure your very warm because it is kind of cold. Thank you for checking out my blog and leaving comments! Have a good sleep and see you tomorrow! SWEET DREAMS!!

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Monday, 9 July 2018

Good Afternoon!

Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!

IALT: Share what I did this afternoon!

Image result for good afternoon

Today myself and Lydia were playing FORTNITE!! We were playing 50 v 50 first then we started playing playground mode. I got the first kill but then I had to go. Me and Lydia also played playground mode on fortnite last night and I killed her 7 times and she only killed me once.

Hope you have a good afternoon!

One question though...Do you play FORTNITE?

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Sunday, 8 July 2018

Blog Commenting - Edith

kia ora and welcome back to my blog!

IALT: Comment on a classmates blog

I have decided to comment on one of my classmates blog which is Edith! This is because she has a lot of interesting blog posts and I just love reading her blog! 

Image result for blog commenting

This is Edith's Blog. Go check it out:

This is my comment that I wrote on her work:

Yes I know you maybe thinking "Wow she hasn't watched Ant-Man and the Wasp". Yeah well i'm might watch it next week! 

Well... I have a question for yous!
Have you watched "Ant-Man and the Wasp?

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Blog Commenting - Aletheia

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IALT: Comment on one of my classmates blog

WHAT IS UP EVERYONE!!! Hope you are having an AWESOME holiday with your family. If not...then? Anyways, I have decided to comment on one of my friends blog because I am very bored at the moment and I have nothing to do so I decided to start comment on my classmates blogs! 

This is aletheia's blog. Go check it out:

This is my comment that I wrote on Aletheia's work:

I decided to comment on Aletheia's blog because she is someone that LOVES blogging and she has a lot of work that you can comment on so I decided to comment on her work and give her some feedback and feedforward!

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Friday, 6 July 2018

Visual art!

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IALA: Day and night

From the past few weeks we have been working on our Visual art. If you don't know look through my blog and you will see some posts about my visual. Today I am going to be sharing with you what my visual art looks like and information about it!

This is my visual art:

I have created a drawing that represents me and what I have learnt about How day and night happens. Something that I really enjoyed was putting my own ideas in and also drawing different symbols that are fun and cool! Something that was quite challenging was that I didn’t know what patterns to put on my artwork because I wanted to add more detail in my artwork! If I was able to do this again, I would change the stars because stars aren't black. I think the colours that I chose worked well because I am a very colourful person so I decided to make half of the background colourful. The things that went well with my artwork was the moon and the colours that I used because they go really well with my artwork and the moon has different maori patterns which represents my culture!

This is a presentation that has that the Kia Manawanui have made:

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