Monday, 26 February 2018

Cricket Reflection

WALT: Work on our Cricket skills!

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Today we were practicing our cricket skills with Sam. 

We played 2 games and one of the games was:

Hit and Roll:
For those of you that don't know what hit and role is, I will be explaining what it is.

Hit and role is where one person hits the ball while everyone else is trying to get the ball. The aim of the game is to try and hit the bat with the ball by rolling it. To get them out you have to put the bat on the ground facing the person that is trying to roll the ball. 

There is also teleport where you can throw it to one of your teammates so they can get the person out. If you want to teleport to someone, the only thing is you need to catch it or otherwise the person that is batting, gets another turn.

We are learning how to play Cricket because we have a tournament in week 8 and we want to get ready early so we are the best players we can be 

Here are some pictures from our Cricket practice:

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Kiwisport Reflection

WALT: Practicing our Backhand swings in Kiwisport

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Today we had our Kiwisport with coach Peter and I learnt how to use my backhand when playing tennis. 

In today's session, we were using our backhand to pass the ball to the other person. We also playing a rally with each other and we had to try to get the cone with the ball by using our backhand hits. 

I really enjoyed playing the rally with my partner because it was kind of difficult trying to get the ball to hit the cone. Another thing that I enjoyed was practicing my backhand hits because it was a bit hard for me but I worked on it and managed to get some cones. 

Something I need to improve on is practicing my backhand hits better and trying to hit it a bit soft instead of hard so that it doesn't go over my partners head!

Here are some pictures from our kiwisport lesson:

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Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Kiwisport & Softball reflection

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Yesterday we got into our home groups  and one group did kiwisport and the other group did Softball. In kiwisport our sport that we are learning is tennis and I learnt about how to bat properly by using your forehand and backhand swings.

In Softball, I learnt how to catch the glove when being on one of the bases. This week we are having a Softball tournament and by playing Softball, it's helping me get better and better when I keep learning. One thing that I think I'm good at in Softball is being on base one where I can get people out quite easily if someone passes it to me properly.

Here are some pictures of what we did Yesterday!

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Friday, 16 February 2018

Creative stories! Te Tuhi

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WALT: Write a reflection about our experience at Te Tuhi.

1. 3 things that I have learnt:
One thing that I learnt at Te Tuhi is that people can be inspired just by the things around them just like Gary Peter and he made an artwork that was inspired by a ventilation! This is his artwork!

Image result for gary peters artist work

Another thing that I learnt was that Shannon Te Ao (an Artist) went to where he lived and he took lots of pictures, added different sounds and made a video about where he came from.

And last of all, I learnt that Shannon Te Ao made a video about his ancestors, one of his ancestors was sick and she ended up in a relationship with a man that she loved so much.

2. Explain two ways you can take what you have learned to give back to our TPS community?:
Coming back to TPS, I brought back a positive mindset and a can do attitude!

3. Name one thing that you would have liked to spend more time on?:
One thing that I would like to have spent more time on was our Role play because people didn't really know there lines so we kind of just made it up as we went through it. 

4. What was one thing Salome did that you liked?:
One thing Salome did that I liked was when she showed us Gary Peters artwork because it was very colourful and I liked that he got inspired just by this on little thing which was the Ventilation.

Here is a picture of my collage that I made!

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Graphics Lesson 1

WALT: start our new learning rotation, learn what we are going to make and get to know each other.

Today was our first day of technology 2018. In this lesson, I got to find pictures that represent ME and I had to make a collage of the different pictures that I chose. I also got to make an avatar and if you want to make one too then just click here:

This year in Miss Ferguson's class, we are going to be designing mobile phone stands.

Here is a picture of my Collage!

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Friday, 2 February 2018

School Values - My Goals

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Today in class, we had to write our School Value goals that we did. In this task, we had to write what we need to work on as a personal goal. Our school values are Manaakitanga, Whanaungatanga, Tukumarie, Rangimarie and Ako. We had to write 1 goal on each value that represents what we need to work on at our school. 

Here is a DLO( Digital learning object) that I have made:

Here is a google drawing so you can properly read it:
Task link

As you can see, one of my goals are to use my learning time wisely because sometimes I don't finish it then I would have to do it in my self management time which means that I have to finish even more work. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my goals for our school values.

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Ka kite ano