Monday, 31 July 2017

Cook Island Language week!

This is my Cook Island language week presentation. This presentation is about what Cook Islands do, eat and about there family. The purpose of doing this is because it's Cook island language week and we always like celebrating it by researching or talking about it by using our knowledge. I liked doing this because it lets me thinking about Cook Island people and what they do for a living! I also liked learning about there dances and how they dance
Here is a presentation and it has a lot of information about Cook Islands! 

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Monday, 24 July 2017

Back to school!

Yes today was back to school! The holidays are finished and everyone maybe tired getting up early for school. I am excited that I'm going school because my holidays were kind of boring and I love learning. 

This term our topic is hobbies and what we like to do in our free time! I like sports but something else that I want to do is building or being a hairdresser because it's something different and I love doing these things. 

This term there are going to be a lot of things that are happening like sports, my class is going white water rafting, Maori language week and more. There is also going to be whanau conferences in week 3. 

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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Swimming with the sharks - Activity two WLJ

Activity two:
Activity two:
Write a summary about the movie "Whale rider" and rate it out of 1 to 5 (1 = bad movie, 2 = okey movie, 3 = pretty good movie, 4 = good movie, 5 excellent movie).

There was a girl named Paikea. When she was little her koro named Paka didn't want her to be a girl, instead he wanted her too be a boy. Paikea had a twin brother but he past away after he came out. Paka wanted her dead instead of him. After that Paikea's mum died. Everyone gathered around and started saying different mihi's. Paikea's father Porourangi moved away to another country. Paikea was left with her grandparents. As she got older and older, she starts doing kapa haka. When Paka made his own school, Paikea wanted to join but she wasn't allowed because it was only meant for boys. Paka was showing the boys some skills that they need to learn like how to use the taiaha. A few weeks went past and her father Porourangi came to visit. He wanted to ask her if she wanted to stay with him but she didn't want to. This is a story of a girl that sees a whale on the sand and she tries to get the whale back into the sea but can't. Then all of her family members work together and get it back into the sea. At the end they get all ride on the waka!

I would rate this movie a 5 (which it excellent) because it's great to see my culture in there and I love the ending because that's when all the family goes in the waka and they paddle to places.

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Monday, 17 July 2017

Swimming with the sharks - Activity one WLJ

Activity one:
How did the people try to save the whales?

There are about 300 whales lying in sand at the Farewell spit and neary some of them were dead. Everyone came into help and they stayed at the beach for nearly a whole night. All they could do was pore water on the whales and wait for the tide to come in. They split the people equally so the whales get the same amount of people as the rest for treatment.

Something that was so sad about this was the whales dying but not only that, people helping the whales for nearly a whole night because I knew that they would of gotten really tired and they would of been really sleepy walking back and forth getting water for the whales.

But I think it would of been a pleasure for those people that helped our whales back into the water!

Here is some information about it and some videos that are there too:

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Wild eyes - Activity two WLJ

Activity two:
Do you agree that possums should be predator free? Why/Why not?

I think that there should be possums because they are harmless and you shouldn't be scared of them, they should be scared of you(and they are) because many people are killing them and eating them. Yes that maybe scary but I think that possums should only be eaten/killed if people are starving or homeless and have nothing to eat. This means that yes we should leave them alone but if you are starving for food and you have no food then I think it's the right to kill the possum. But that doesn't mean killing all of them.

Reasons why there should be possums:
- I think there should be possums because they are harmless, helpful and quite.
- I think there should be possums because even though some people may be afraid of them, there actually afraid of you, but once you and the possum get to know each other, you will become great friends.
- I also think that there should be possums because there is no need to kill them unless people are poor/homeless and have no food then that's a reason to kill a possum.

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Wild eyes - Activity one WLJ

Activity one:
What kind of bird would I adopt?
A Great spotted kiwi!

What would I name it?
I would name my kiwi Roa or Roaroa because it means Great spotted kiwi in maori!

A little bit about them...
If I could adopt a bird I would adopt a great spotted kiwi because they look really cute and they can find there own food so you don't need to spend money on them. I would also like to adopt a great spotted kiwi because they are very different them other kiwi's because the female great spotted kiwi's have 2 ovaries and most kiwi's have 1.

What do they eat?
Great spotted kiwi's normally eat things like earthworms, larvae or cicadas. They also eat centipedes, spiders, beetles, weta's, snails etc. 

Where do they normally live?
Great spotted kiwi's normally live in the Northern half of the South island. They can also be found in Greymouth, Arthur's pass or North Canterbury. 

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Saturday, 15 July 2017

New Zealand by land and sea - Activity three WLJ

Activity three:
These are the things that my family members in my house like to do outdoors!




traveling/only on special occasions

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Laura Dekker! Activity two - New Zealand by land and sea WLJ

Activity two:
Five questions that I would ask Laura Dekker...

1. What is something that you are scared of when you are sailing?

2. Was it fun exploring different places? Why?

3. What was the best country that you went to?(even though you said last for best).

4. When you were little, was it your dream to become a sailor? Why?

This is a non related question but...
5. Would you stop sailing for 1 million dollars? Why?


I chose these questions to ask Laura Dekker if I interviewed her because my quote is "if people take long to answer your question, it's a sign that it's a good question". This is a quote that I made because I know that some questions can be really easy to answer but if you dig deeper on your question then your answer will be deeper.

Here is a picture of Laura Dekker...

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Friday, 14 July 2017

Man gets stuck in ATM machine - Newshub WLJ

While I was watching the news I found that there was this man that got stuck in a ATM machine so I wanted to write about it. 

He didn't have his phone on him so he couldn't call anyone get help him get out. No one couldn't get him out because the bank was closed and people were thinking that it wasn't real. 

When people came the man in the ATM machine wrote a note saying "Please help I'm stuck in here and I don't have my phone. please call my boss at 210....... but people thought it was fake so they left. After 2 hours someone called the police and the mans boss so he could get the man out. 

This is the video that I found...
Click here

Sorry there were no pictures.

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New Zealand by land and sea - activity one WLJ

Activity one:
Which of the three places I enjoy the most...
Rangitoto, karekare beach, Tane mahuta tree?

I think I would enjoy Rangitoto because I've been there with my school and it was awesome to see the different things that were there like weird looking rocks. Plus I love traveling and exploring our world and being excited by nature.

This could be a great place to travel with family members or friends because then you get time to spend with each other and communicate more if you're having problems or issues. It may be a long walk to the top but it's worth it! You get to see a very good view of New Zealand and our oceans. 

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Extreme entertainment! WLJ

I went with my cousin and my uncle to a place called "extreme entertainment". You could do heaps of things there like bowling, lazer strike, arcade games and the bar/cafe. 

What did we do?
First we went and played laser strike and my team came second. It was cool because I got to bond with other people in my team and work as a team. 

Then we played some arcade games and my favourite one was basket ball because it's like netball and I LOVE netball. I also liked playing the racing car game because I kept on crashing but I never gave up!

We didn't play bowling because we didn't really want to so instead we just played more and more arcade games. 

Then we went out for lunch and that was the end of our day.  
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Diary of a wimpy kid - The long haul WLJ

While the holidays are still going, I went to the Botany movies and watched "DIARY OF A WIMPY KID, THE LONG HAUL". 

The movies about a family that goes on a trip to there nana's house but it goes terribly wrong. There are 3 brothers named Greg, Rodrick and Rowley. Their parents names are Susan and Frank. 

Their family start getting chased by this fat beardy guy and his family, the 3 brothers lose there phones because the mum wants to spend more time with them, they get stuck in mud and they try to push the car out but instead they get splattered with mud, and many more bad things that happened to them throughout the movie.

I liked this movie because it's really funny and I love comedy movies. I also like this movie because it's like they have bad luck and bad things were happening to them.

The best character that I liked was Rodrick because he had weird facials and he kept on making me and my cousin laugh. I liked the part when Rodrick made a sign saying "Help! these people are kidnapping us" when really it was just there parents. Then Rodrick and Greg got caught by the cops and they only got a warning.

At the end it was AWESOME because the Heffley family got to nana's in a cool way and that happened by them pushing the car but then greg was to slow to reach the car so instead he jumped in the boat. After that the hook came loose and he rolled down the hill and into there nana's pool.

If you want to watch the trailer all you have to do is click here.

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Why is blogging important? WLJ

Why do you think blogging is important?

Blogging is important because instead of leaving the things in your mind you could blog about it and see what other people are going to say. This could help you because if your mad I know that everyone needs to type something or do something about it. Blogging is the best way, but don't go that far with it like bad language. 

Blogging is important because in the holidays you can also see what your friends are up to and they can see what your up to. 

The most important thing about blogging is making it specific and using these things:
- Positive
- Thoughtful
- Helpful

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Dad and baby daughter beatboxing WLJ

While I was scrolling through some youtube videos I saw a beatboxing video so I went to watch it. It was so hilarious that I wanted to share it to you guys.

The video is about a little girl and the dad beatboxing with each other(they were goals). The baby only had one simple job but I don't know how to explain it. 

At the end, it was so funny because the little baby kind of made a face that looked shocked and the little baby was so cute that I watched it a few more times. 

This is the video and it's short but funny!

(If the link doesn't work then copy and paste it onto google)

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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Food tasting at school! WLJ

So I also forgot to blog about this but we had food tasting and things to do at our school. I will be telling you about what we did and more.

First we had to get into groups and they were Fitness, Te whare tapa wha, honey and sugar. This was all based on our Inquiry topic. Even though it was about food tasting we wanted to add more things like fitness. We only had 4 days to work on it but we managed to finish it. 

Me and my friend had to do a job so me and her were the first people to pick our groups and we choose fitness. After that, we heard that we were the only two girls in our group and the rest were boys but we were ok with it. Then we had to start a plan which was making our poster. Our group all had something to work on so we didn't get bored. Me and my friends job was to do the pictures and design the the poster. 

Altogether our end product looked AMAZING!

On the day nearly my whole group came so they didn't really need help. Instead me and my friend made the lemon juice. In the lemon juice we put some honey in it, hot boiling water and a bit of cold water so it cools down faster. It was fun making the lemon juice but it was a little difficult to make. 

After that we all finished and packed up ready to go home.

I enjoyed that day because I got to see what other classes have been working on and what they were learning about this term.

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All blacks vs Lions draw WLJ

As you may or may not know, there are a game last night on the 8th of July between the All blacks and the Lions. And by the title you may already know what it is going to be about. 

Yes there was a draw between All Blacks and Lions but even though it was a draw I thought that they were going to have another game but instead they are sharing the Cup with each other. 

Something that I found exciting was when I thought one of the teams were going to win because I never new that it could be a tie and I also thought that they would challenge again so they don't need to share it. 

Question for you:
Who's team do you like?

This was the score:
All Blacks - 15
Lions - 15

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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter learning journey!

These holidays there is something that I am doing called Winter learning journey. The Winter learning journey is about blogging about anything. Some people(just like me) do this because they're bored or they love working in the holidays. I am doing this because it lets me work on blogging more.

Me and my class/school signed up for it and also there are many other schools in New Zealand that have signed up too. You guys maybe wondering if there are prizes for not. YES there are! They are prize packs that go out to people that blog the most. There are also little prize packs for people that come second and third. The Winter learning journey starts right now so register and start blogging. 

If you don't know what to blog about you could:
- Find some news
- blog about your holiday
- Find something interesting and blog about that  

Blogging is a great way to see what your friends are doing so you know what there up to. If you need any help with blogging you could ask your family members such as your mum, your dad, one of your siblings etc. 

If you would like to sign up for the Winter learning journey here it a link and all you have to do is register your name, copy and paste your blog e.g(, answer some questions and press enter! And please comment on my blog so that I can work on it for next time.

Youth Festival WLJ

About a few weeks ago me and my youth group went to a festival but I forgot to blog about it so i'm going to blog about it right now. It was on for 3 days Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Anyways at the festival there was lot of things that we did such as team building exercises, answering some questions, playing games etc. 

Something that I enjoyed there was when we were playing capture the flag because I got to know everyone around me and they got to know me. I also enjoyed when we went to the shops down the road because our youth group were all starving and we were getting hungry even though there were only hotdogs for lunch.

Something that I didn't enjoy was when we had to go home because I wanted to stay there and do more things. Something that I also didn't enjoy was when it was so cold and we were playing outside because they were setting up some things inside.

Sorry there were no pictures that we took but this is just something short. 

floods in Auckland WLJ

There have been some floods in Auckland. There were really big puddles and all the rivers were filled right to the top near our area. 

When I went to go pick up my siblings from school, there was a massive puddle that was covering the road so everyone was going really slow in there cars. Everyone had to go one by one into the middle and back on the road again. When I saw the rivers I was so surprised because they were filled right to the top.

Image result for cars that are driving in water

Image result for little rivers flooded

I am blogging about this because a lot of people sometimes don't care about flooding but they should because it could flood there car and they won't have anywhere to go (only if you have car insurance) then your car will get fixed. 

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Newshub WLJ

Last night at 6.00pm I watched the news and I found something interesting which was that people are playing with there phones while they are walking to school, work or crossing the road and that is very dangerous. 

I'm writing about this because I think that all people are always have there eye's glued on there phones. Some people also play music while walking and they can't hear anything at all. This is super dangerous because people could get hurt or injured just people there playing on there phones while walking at the same time. 

This gives me an idea that people should stop spending time with there phones and start being active and getting out of the house. Yes I'm using my netbook for blogging but i'm still being active because I don't play on it all the time only when I want to finish off work. 

Why people play on there devises when walking:

- Playing games
- Messaging friends
- listening to music

There are many people they have tripped or fell on the road and have got hurt. To me, I think that playing on your phone while walking can be bad for your eyes and bad for yourself.

Please check this video out so you can see what would happen if you did it. And this is not from Newshub.


and If it doesn't work then please copy and paste this:

Friday, 7 July 2017

End of term 2 WLJ

Kia ora and greetings to you all!

Today is the last day of school before the holidays. It is also the end of the term. I am really excited but sad at the same time because i'm going to miss school and friends even though it's only 2 weeks of holidays. 

For the last day of school me and my friends Constance and Frances got to help Miss Thompson and we also got to try on the new netball uniforms, IT WAS SO FUN! Constance and I also helped Kitty(the hippy teacher), It was cool too. 

After lunch we had assembly and since it was the last day heaps of people got badges. I got an AKO badge and two certificates. One was for my attendance and the other one was for getting a badge. 

One of the best moments about today was getting BURGER KING because me and my friend Constance worked hard and helped our teacher a lot. 

At the end of the day we got our school reports and I was very excited to see what it was going to say. To be honest but I didn't want to go home for the holidays because it's boring at home but at school it's so fun. 

I hope you guys have a good and safe holiday! And please comment feedforward and feedback so I can work on it for next time. 


Monday, 3 July 2017

Whakatauki o tenei wiki

Kia ora,
Ko Cerenity toku ingoa.

This is our whakatauki o tenei wiki.
"Kia rere au ki te rangi tuhaha...
Kia tau atu au ki toku taumata" - "Let me soar to the heavens so that I may reach my potential".

Key message:
To me, I think the key message in this whakatauki is that if people want to reach there goal then they have to have the skills or they need to try hard so that they can move on to there next goal so they can fly higher. I also think the key message in this whakatauki is that people need to do there best, they need to try hard, achieve there goal and have a good attitude.

A time in my life:
A time in my life that this whakatauki relates is when I need to push myself higher and never let anyone put me down because then I wont have the strength and the potential. This means that I have to have faith in me or otherwise I wont be the person I want to be. This also means that I need to show all of these things so I can achieve my goals!

In the future:
In the future I can use this whakatauki when I see people that are being let down and never get support from there parents because there to busy and don't have time. In the future, I could also use this whakatauki when i'm playing netball and my goal is to get the ball from the other team so we can win(even though it's not about winning).

My own quote: