Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Phases of the Moon project!

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IALT: Explain what my project is about!

As you all may know, we have been learning about the phases of the Moon for inquiry! This week we have an assignment from Ms Fepuleai that we have to make a project about the Phases of the Moon. Constance, Lydia and myself have made a draft that we are thinking of doing.

Now... I know this might look weird because we did it on a google drawing but once our real project is finished then you will see what it actually looks like. I'm not really a good at describing things but I hope you understand what it means!😂  The string is for holding the Moons because we didn't want to use straws so we thought of using string instead. Our project is like this because we are thinking about making it move. What I mean by this is that we are going to put a cardboard plate on top and glue or staple the strings on it and a little stick in the middle of the plate so that when we want to make it move, we can use the stick and turn it so that it is moving around the Earth!

Now... I know you MIGHT be thinking this question...

Why did you use this idea?

Well, we used this idea because we want it to be our own and we actually didn't look it up on youtube, but we did get some inspiration from google images. We also put all our ideas together and I really wanted to make it turn around so we thought of gluing the strings on a piece of cardboard and making it spin around.

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How does Day and Night happen? WRITING!

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WALT: Explain how day and night happens!

This week we have been learning about Day and Night. Our project was to write an explanation about how day and night happens! To wrap all my work up... I made a google drawing so that you don't get bored reading my whole explanation! 

Now, How does day and night happen? Well day and night happens because when the Earth is Rotating around, it is reflecting light on the Earth. but on the other side, it is not getting light which is why we have night. As we all know, the sun can't face the whole Earth, only part of it. This is when the 24 hours comes in. Every 24 hours that Earth is rotating and in different countries, it might be dark and in your country, it might be light. 

I've just learnt that when it's Summer, We have longer days and shorter nights. But in Winter, we have shorter days and longer nights, 

I have a question for you...

Why do you think we have longer days and shorter nights in Summer, but in Winter we have shorter days and longer nights? 

Well hoped you learned something today about what causes day and night!

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Monday, 21 May 2018

Maths Reflection!

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IALT: Solve quicker ways using my division!

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Today we had a maths session and we had to get into our groups. We are learning about how to solve questions using our divided bys.

Our Maths question is:

Kelly has bought 832 bandaids to take to Camp Raglan. The band aids must be equally shared into 8 first aid kits. How many band aids are in each kit?

First, my group started off with:

832 ÷ 8 =

800 ÷ 8 = 100

32 ÷ 8 = 4

100 + 4 = 104 

I really enjoyed learning more about my divided bys and how to explain a question 
using them. 

Something that I think I need to work on is showing everyone in my
 group how I solved so they can understand!
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Friday, 18 May 2018

Samoan Language week!

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IALT: Reflect about Samoan Language week

Samoans traditional foods!

This week we have been researching about the Samoan Language and culture.

The topic I chose to research about is Samoan FOODS!

The Samoan culture normally uses coconut milk and cream to make the different types of food. Staple foods are taro, breadfruit, bananas, coconut, fish/shellfish, also chicken and pork.

Samoan umu is used for traditional foods that are cooked above stones and are heated by hot lava. The food is placed on heated lava stones wrapped in banana leaves. It can also be plaited in coconut fronds.

Umu is usually used on Sundays as a special treat or on events. Breadfruit, chicken, fish, fresh fruits, pork and taro are traditional foods. Also with Kava, it is the traditional drink and is only served on at special events.

I learnt a lot about the Samoan culture and I hope you did too!

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Girls Tai Chi Sessions!

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IALT: Reflect about Girls Tai Chi!
About a few weeks ago, we started doing Tai Chi and we have been learning about the different types of moves that they use and how we can defend ourselves. It is kind of like our Girls Self Defence lessons that we had but this time, we are learning about Tai Chi. 

Shawn (Our Tai Chi master) taught us a few things and told use a lot of different stories that has happened to people that he new. He also told us the if you want something, then you need to earn it because Shawn told us that he would always walk around his neighborhood and knock on people's doors and ask them if he would like them to clean our the dutter, then you would get $180 from them just for doing there dutter. He called it "EASY MONEY" because he earned it!
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He also told us a story about the time when his daughter was about to be born and the doctors said the it wouldn't live, until his master would always go to the hospital and would do these different exercises to his daughter and after that, the doctors said that she wouldn't live until she was 20 and now she is still a live today and she is over the 20's!

Well this is what I learnt about a few weeks ago and we have another session on Wednesday!

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Camp Raglan Reflection

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IALT: Reflect about my CAMP RAGLAN GOALS

This term we are going to camp in week 5 (which is in 2 weeks). To me, I can't wait that long because I know that it's going to be fun away from siblings! Anyways, we are doing a camp programme and yesterday we got to choose our dormitories and our buddies.

In the boys dorms, they had 4 rooms… 2 rooms for 10 people, 1 room for 8 people and 1 room for 6 people.

In the girls dorms, we had 4 rooms… all the rooms could fit 10 people.

And we also had a choice of choosing who is going to be in the dorms and we could have s maximum of 10 people.

In my dorm, I have:
  • Myself
  • Akanesi
  • Constance
  • Aletheia
  • Leilani

We also had to choose buddies because during our days at can, we are going to have to reflect about what we did… so my CAMP RAGLAN buddy is Constance.

We also had to make goals for camp Raglan and this is what I am good at, and also what I would like to improve on at CAMP!

I am looking forward to leaving all my siblings for 4 days and not doing chores because I always have to do the chores but this time, my siblings have to do them while I get a 4 day holiday with my pairs around me!
I am worried about abseiling because i’m scared of heights and I don’t like going that high but my goal is to build my confidence so i’m going to try my best to work towards my goal!
The school value that I think I need to show more of while at camp is AKO because I want to learn more during my days at CAMP and I am going to be doing these different activities that I haven’t done before!Image result for camp raglan
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Monday, 14 May 2018

Leadership Programme with Ms. Aireen!

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IALT: Reflect about our Leadership Programme with Ms. Aireen!

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This term, the student leaders are doing a programme with Ms. Aireen every Thursday's and we had to answer some questions that relate to leaders also my answers:

1. What is a leader?
A leader is someone that is capable of showing our school values in and out of school and also someone who influences students to work towards their goals to be successful.

2. Who is a leader that you know and what makes this person a leader?
I leader that I know is Valerie Adams because in 2016, when she was at the Rio Olympics, she lost to Michelle Carter but she fought hard and even though she didn't win, she still congratulated Michelle Carter! 

what makes a good leader?
Someone who has confidence in what they do
- Someone who shows good examples
- Someone that focuses on the positive things, not the negative things
- Someone who wants to be successful in the future.


Last week, we learnt about being a role model and we got an activity booklet with five pages that we had to fill out. During this term, we have to do our leadership programme for 40 weeks!

I can't wait to learn more about being a leader!
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