Thursday, 16 November 2017



After morning tea we were practicing for athletics day which is tomorrow. I really enjoyed versing my friends and having fun at the same time. I didn't enjoy the heat because it was slowing me down a little bit. As of today, I am going to try my hardest to beat my friends! 

On all the games I came 4th, My friend Monita came 3rd, My friend Aletheia came 2nd and I other friend Constance came 1st. I was actually proud of myself but next time I think i'm going for 3rd.

This week on Friday 17th November 2017, We are having an Athletics day for everyone at our school so come and Participate in running. 

I can't wait for ATHLETICS DAY!


Friday, 27 October 2017

Yogurt making! T4W2

25/10/17 we made yogurt and it was our first time doing it as a class so we needed a bit of help. Frances was taught the day after so she came along and helped us. We made two different yogurts, One was Forest fruits and the other one was pineapple and coconut bits.

I enjoyed eating the forest fruits yogurt because it tasted so DELICIOUS! 

Here is little bit of information about how to make yogurt and what you will need...

Why were we making Yogurt?
We were making yogurt because since we got yogurt makers, we wanted to try it out and it was a good thing that everyone enjoyed. 


The Zones Of Regulation:

Did you know that their a 4 Zones/Emotions that we use in our everyday life. The emotions are Blue - which is sad, Green - which is happy, Yellow - which is excited and Red - which is angry. I will be talking about these four different Zones/Emotions so keep reading for more information!

The first Zone is the Blue Zone. Many people are in this kind of Zone when they are going through hard times, when you are bored or when you are tired. This means that you don’t want to interact with people around you or your friends and you don’t want to talk to anyone. For example sharing your emotions with your friends so they know what you going through or just have a sleep so when you wake up feeling great. The effect of this is that when you feel sad or tired, you start to go in your own world but if you start exercising then you will be in a better mood and be ready for learning!

The Second Zone is the Green Zone. This Zone is all about being happy and focusing on your work or things that are important. This means that you might start off your day in a happy mood because you had a good sleep or a good breakfast. For example, you might be feeling happy all day then you start to feel a little bit tired after school because of all the work you have been doing, then you will start feeling happy again. The effect of is if you share your feelings with others, then you will feel like you're in the GREEN ZONE.

The third Zone is the Yellow Zone. Being silly and too excited, this is what the Yellow Zone is for. It’s important that you keep in the Green Zone but some people can be in this Zone too. This means that you start to kind of go overboard with your laughing, jokes or anything that makes you excited. For example you hear a really fun joke and your whole class starts laughing, but then when your teacher tells you to stop, your the only person laughing really loud. That’s why it’s best to be excited but not to much or otherwise it can affect your learning. The effect of this is that you get to have fun and share your laughter with your friends or family.

And the last Zone is the Red Zone. The Red Zone is all your anger and madness. Heaps and heaps of people get angry all the time like when they don’t get it their way or when they get into a fight, things like that. This means that putting all your anger on others is not the right thing to do. For example say you get mad because you couldn’t find your netbook at school. What would you do? The effect of this is to talk to you friends of family so you get all your anger off your back!

This is why we have the 4 Zones. Thanks for reading and I hope you stay on the GREEN ZONE!

Hei tama, tu tama - GAME

Today we learnt a new indigenous game called "Hei tama, tu tama" that we can share with other classes through the term! 

To play this game you won't need no equipment but you will need 2 - 3 people to play. This game is all about being competitive and using your knowledge. 

There are 4 different moves, this first one is your hands on your hips, the second one is your fist clench in the air, the third one is your hand clench in the air and your other hand on your hip, Same as your last move but on the other side. 

If you don't get this the here is a picture of demonstration so you don't get confused...

What to do:

Stand opposite the person/people that you are playing with (remember only 2 - 3 people can play). When you first start, player one and player two have to start with there hands on there hips. Then player 1 or 2 call out "hei tama, tu tama" and there you both do different moves. You keep repeating this with different moves until you both do the same move. When you both do the same move, player 1 or two have to say "tu tama ra" and if you say it first then you win!

This is how you play Hei tama, tu tama.

Hope you have fun playing this game!

Thursday, 26 October 2017

Fatu Feu'u Artist!

Today we learned about tapa cloths and we learned about the different patterns too. We were also reading about different Artists and this is the person that I wanted to write about! He shows a lot of creativity and different but beautiful designs. We had to do a DLO about your artist and this is mine. 

Here is my DLO from today:

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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Cure Kids sports day!

Today Room 10 participated in a kelly sports event to support Cure Kids.

Cure Kids is a charity that helps children so that they can live a healthy and happy childhood. From the past few years they have been helping kids since 1970 with diseases causing them die, but now that there is Cure Kids, they are making the young generation better! This means that children are getting the treatment that they are meant to get, they have healthier body and they get to live longer. An example of a way you can support children's health is by having a mufti day or a sports day(Just like our school) because it gets children active and involved. The effect of their work/research is if they keep doing this, then the will get more and more money to help the children that are suffering from diseases.

Today I participated by playing the different kinds of sports and wearing my red mufti clothes! That means I got to enjoy myself and be actively involved with the Cure Kids fundraiser. An example of a game we played was noodle soccer. By supporting Cure Kids, I hope my impact can help encourage others to join this great event! 

Monday, 16 October 2017

Back to school Reflection! TERM 4 2017

Kia ora, nau mai hoki mai ki taku rangitaki. Ko tenei te wahanga tuawha o te tau! kei te pehea to hararei?

Some things that I am really looking forward to this term are going to the manaiakalani film festival, the syndicate sleepover, going to the movies, dine and dance and waiwera hot pools.

My personal goal for my last term of 2017 is to finish off my work to a high standard and blogging all my work!

To fully enjoy these end of year opportunities, I will need to remember to have a positive attitude, show the school values to others and help people that are struggling on things like work!

Here is a picture of me and my BEST FRIEND from 2017!!