Friday, 16 February 2018

Creative stories! Te Tuhi

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WALT: Write a reflection about our experience at Te Tuhi.

1. 3 things that I have learnt:
One thing that I learnt at Te Tuhi is that people can be inspired just by the things around them just like Gary Peter and he made an artwork that was inspired by a ventilation! This is his artwork!

Image result for gary peters artist work

Another thing that I learnt was that Shannon Te Ao (an Artist) went to where he lived and he took lots of pictures, added different sounds and made a video about where he came from.

And last of all, I learnt that Shannon Te Ao made a video about his ancestors, one of his ancestors was sick and she ended up in a relationship with a man that she loved so much.

2. Explain two ways you can take what you have learned to give back to our TPS community?:
Coming back to TPS, I brought back a positive mindset and a can do attitude!

3. Name one thing that you would have liked to spend more time on?:
One thing that I would like to have spent more time on was our Role play because people didn't really know there lines so we kind of just made it up as we went through it. 

4. What was one thing Salome did that you liked?:
One thing Salome did that I liked was when she showed us Gary Peters artwork because it was very colourful and I liked that he got inspired just by this on little thing which was the Ventilation.

Here is a picture of my collage that I made!

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