Friday, 6 April 2018

Talent Show Reflection!

Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!

Tamaki Primary School Hall, 6pm.

Last night at the Tamaki Primary School Hall, we had a massive Talent Show including our AMAZING Performances from Kia Manawanui and also General Fiyah. If you don't know who General Fiyah is, he is the youngest singer in THD (Three Houses Down) which is a reggae band! At our Talent Show, he sang 2 of his songs which was:


It was AMAZING to see that there were a lot of people to help fundraise for our Camp next term and we thank everyone for coming! 

The Kia Manawanui opened our Talent Show up with the song called "This is me" from the movie "The Greatest Showmen". 

Before my performance, I was kind of scared and nervous because I was thinking that I would muck up and forget all the moves. I also felt kind of sick because it was really hot and I was getting kind of light headed but I was able to finish my whole performance and I couldn't wait to enjoy the spotlight with my friends!

During the performance, I got use to everyone looking at me and taking videos. All I did to help myself from not getting nervous was just keeping my head up straight and having a smile on my face. I felt so happy that I got to do this dance with my friends because it was something that we have worked hard on throughout the 6 weeks we have had.

After the performance, I was so relieved that my performance was finished because I was so tired and I couldn't wait to go home, have dinner and have a shower. 


Even though my family couldn't come, as soon as I showed them the video's, they were so happy and proud of me that I had the confidence to go on that stage and perform in front of everyone!

There was also someone that I was SO HAPPY to see which was Ms. Kyla because she was one of my favourite teachers that came to our school last year but she had to leave because she had a baby boy and his name is Mallicai. I really enjoyed the day and got to hang out with a lot of people that I normally don't hang out with.

At the end of the day, I was happy to be home and in bed!
(Unfortunately, there are no photos but I will remember to share them on my blog as soon as I get them).

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