Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Phases of the Moon project!

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IALT: Explain what my project is about!

As you all may know, we have been learning about the phases of the Moon for inquiry! This week we have an assignment from Ms Fepuleai that we have to make a project about the Phases of the Moon. Constance, Lydia and myself have made a draft that we are thinking of doing.

Now... I know this might look weird because we did it on a google drawing but once our real project is finished then you will see what it actually looks like. I'm not really a good at describing things but I hope you understand what it means!😂  The string is for holding the Moons because we didn't want to use straws so we thought of using string instead. Our project is like this because we are thinking about making it move. What I mean by this is that we are going to put a cardboard plate on top and glue or staple the strings on it and a little stick in the middle of the plate so that when we want to make it move, we can use the stick and turn it so that it is moving around the Earth!

Now... I know you MIGHT be thinking this question...

Why did you use this idea?

Well, we used this idea because we want it to be our own and we actually didn't look it up on youtube, but we did get some inspiration from google images. We also put all our ideas together and I really wanted to make it turn around so we thought of gluing the strings on a piece of cardboard and making it spin around.

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