Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Refrection about maths!

Kia ora tamariki ma! Ko cerenity toku ingoa.

Today for maths some visitors came to our classroom to see what we are learning at the moment. My group and other group worked on the same thing while the rest worked on there number of the week. We played with the lego and we got questions that we had to answer but they were fractions! Me and my friend Constance worked together and we made 1/4, 5/8's, and 1 half. We were a great team because I really liked her ideas and she liked my ideas! Something that we found difficult was looking for all the pieces because there were a lot of us and some people were building big things. We also did a question using take aways and the question was 231 - 78 and the answer was 152 because 130 - 70 = 160 then 160 - 8 = 152 + 1 = 153.

But here is a picture of me, Constance and our Lego's!

Also can you please comment on my blog so I can work on it! THANKS...

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