Thursday, 1 June 2017

Technology T2W5

Today for technology we made bread cases with spaghetti in them. First we cut the crust off the bread and we stuffed them in the cupcake tin. Since there was the crust left, some of my group ate it and some of my group didn't so we chucked the left overs outside for the birds to eat. When we filled up all the tins we added the spaghetti in the middle and then put it in the oven. Something that went wrong was that we left it in to long and it burnt but we didn't want to waste it so we ate all of it. Something that we need to work on is keeping an eye on our cooking so we don't get burnt food. Here is a picture of our "Spaghetti bread cases". 
Here are the ingredients on how to make Spaghetti bread cases.
1. Heat the oven the 180 degrees
2. While it's heating up, cut the crust off the bread
3. Get a cupcake tin and push then gently inside so the bread doesn't break and make holes.
4. Get a can of spaghetti and pore a little of it in to the bread
5. After you finished that put them into the oven and check every now and then to see if the bread is toasted. 
6. And there is your SPAGHETTI BREAD CASES!

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