Friday, 9 June 2017

Uncle Trev and his whistling bull

Today I was reading a book called "Uncle Trev and his whistling bull" by "Jack Lasenby". This is a story about a boy who gets sick all the time and has to stay home whether he likes it or not. When we stays home, he lies in bed counting the shadows from the leaves. While he was lying in bed so bored, Mum went to the shops to get the mail and the paper. When she was out of the house the boys uncle comes in with exciting news for him! Uncle trev (the boys uncle) has a bull that can whistle. He tells the boy that his favourite song to whistle to was "Pokarekare ana". But when the mum comes back, the bulls stops and the mum sees uncle Trev telling the boy about a whistling bull. The mum didn't believe him and she told the little boy not to believe him too, but he did. The mum told uncle Trev to get out of her house and told the little boy to get some rest. 
Right now i'm on chapter 4 because i've haven't had time to read all of it but I know that this story is getting very interesting and i'm going to post another blog post about the next chapters that I'm going to read! 

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  1. Hello Cerenity.
    Cerenity you gave us really good detail about the story. I have a question for you by the way have you read any books from Jack Lasenby.
    Keep up the good work.