Friday, 23 June 2017

Technology T2W8

Today for technology we made pasta salad! It was so nice because the pasta and the mayonnaise was the best ingredients that were put in the bowl. Something that I found difficult was waiting to see if the pasta was soft or not when it was boiling in the pot because we thought if was still hard but when we checked it by putting one in cold water and eating it, it was PERFECT! We also put in some other ingredients to make it taste even NICER!

The ingredients are...
- Pasta
- Onion
- ham
- tomato
- mayonnaise

This is a picture of my finished product...

Something that I enjoyed about technology and making pasta salad was doing it as a group because me and Aja were together and we had a great time. Something that I didn't really like was eating the onions because I didn't really like it but it was alright!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and please comment feedforward and feedback so I can work on it next time.


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