Friday, 23 June 2017

Taku Rakau Whainga

Ko Cerenity toku ingoa.

Today we had to do some goal setting trees. This presentation is about what my goals are, how can I achieve them and many more.

This is normally about my Nan because she helps me with everything and she is a good role model to me. Something that I really need to work on is blogging because if only blog on in a while but something I can blog heaps and heaps of times.

As you can see this is called "Taku rakau whainga" because this is about goal setting trees and this presentation is about setting my own goals.

On the second slide they are my goals.
On the third slide they are the things that could stop me from achieving my own goals.
One the forth slide it's about who can supporting to achieve my goals.

If you read more you will get more infomation...

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