Tuesday, 13 March 2018

History of Panmure

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IALA: The history of Panmure!

What do you know about PANMURE? Well... I've been researching about the history of Panmure as an assignment that I am meant to do. I have brainstormed what the history of Panmure is so I put it in a DLO. I was meant to do a screencastify but I will be doing it tomorrow so make sure you see tomorrow's blog post.

Anyways, Today we have just started to learn about the history of Panmure and it is going really well. It is great that I am learning more because there are a lot of things that I didn't even know until now. My homework for today was to create a DLO that explains that history of Panmure. 

I have pullet pointed that key ideas that I have found when I was researching! I also have drawn a map of Panmure and this is what it looks like:

Oh and please mind my drawing. THANKS! 😂

This is also my google drawing that I have made:

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