Tuesday, 13 March 2018

New Zealand Population

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IALA: The population in New Zealand!

Guess how many people live in our country for 2018? Well, today I learnt how many people live in our country. I didn't really know before but now I know! The New Zealand population is 4,736,349 and just to let you know, it was 2,736,348 but then we saw that a new baby was born because the number went up!

At school, we did a task with Ms Komor and our WALT was...
WALT: Describe what makes NZ a great place to live in. So we came up with different ideas that make NZ a great place to live in which were:
- Cultures
- Beaches
- native birds
- People
- Mountains
And a lot of other great things!

On the top as you can see, this is the population in NZ, 2018. If you want to read more click this link.


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