Saturday, 15 July 2017

Laura Dekker! Activity two - New Zealand by land and sea WLJ

Activity two:
Five questions that I would ask Laura Dekker...

1. What is something that you are scared of when you are sailing?

2. Was it fun exploring different places? Why?

3. What was the best country that you went to?(even though you said last for best).

4. When you were little, was it your dream to become a sailor? Why?

This is a non related question but...
5. Would you stop sailing for 1 million dollars? Why?


I chose these questions to ask Laura Dekker if I interviewed her because my quote is "if people take long to answer your question, it's a sign that it's a good question". This is a quote that I made because I know that some questions can be really easy to answer but if you dig deeper on your question then your answer will be deeper.

Here is a picture of Laura Dekker...

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1 comment:

  1. Hi Cerenity,

    I'm sure Laura Dekker would give detailed answers to your deep questions, Cerenity :) I enjoyed reading your additional commentary towards the end about how if "you dig deeper on your question then your answer will be deeper". And nice quote, too, that really shows critical thinking.

    Are you familiar with open questions? Open questions are questions that provoke answers with more information, and your questions, especially the ones with the "Why?" added at the end for more information, are definitely open.

    Keep up the great work!