Saturday, 8 July 2017

Youth Festival WLJ

About a few weeks ago me and my youth group went to a festival but I forgot to blog about it so i'm going to blog about it right now. It was on for 3 days Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Anyways at the festival there was lot of things that we did such as team building exercises, answering some questions, playing games etc. 

Something that I enjoyed there was when we were playing capture the flag because I got to know everyone around me and they got to know me. I also enjoyed when we went to the shops down the road because our youth group were all starving and we were getting hungry even though there were only hotdogs for lunch.

Something that I didn't enjoy was when we had to go home because I wanted to stay there and do more things. Something that I also didn't enjoy was when it was so cold and we were playing outside because they were setting up some things inside.

Sorry there were no pictures that we took but this is just something short. 

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