Monday, 17 July 2017

Swimming with the sharks - Activity one WLJ

Activity one:
How did the people try to save the whales?

There are about 300 whales lying in sand at the Farewell spit and neary some of them were dead. Everyone came into help and they stayed at the beach for nearly a whole night. All they could do was pore water on the whales and wait for the tide to come in. They split the people equally so the whales get the same amount of people as the rest for treatment.

Something that was so sad about this was the whales dying but not only that, people helping the whales for nearly a whole night because I knew that they would of gotten really tired and they would of been really sleepy walking back and forth getting water for the whales.

But I think it would of been a pleasure for those people that helped our whales back into the water!

Here is some information about it and some videos that are there too:

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  1. Hey Cerenity!

    I can see that you have really thought about this activity and what it would have been like for both the whales and the people helping the whales - you have shown compassion for them which is really lovely.

    It really is horrible that so many (300!) whales were stranded at one time! But thankfully so many people were willing to chip in to help the whales survive and get back to sea. I absolutely agree - it would have been a pleasure to be a part of that. It sounds like you would drop anything to go and help too!

    I love that you have shared a link to extra videos that your readers can go and watch as it means they can learn more about what is happening too.

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post Cerenity - you've done a great job!

    Nicky :)