Sunday, 16 July 2017

Wild eyes - Activity two WLJ

Activity two:
Do you agree that possums should be predator free? Why/Why not?

I think that there should be possums because they are harmless and you shouldn't be scared of them, they should be scared of you(and they are) because many people are killing them and eating them. Yes that maybe scary but I think that possums should only be eaten/killed if people are starving or homeless and have nothing to eat. This means that yes we should leave them alone but if you are starving for food and you have no food then I think it's the right to kill the possum. But that doesn't mean killing all of them.

Reasons why there should be possums:
- I think there should be possums because they are harmless, helpful and quite.
- I think there should be possums because even though some people may be afraid of them, there actually afraid of you, but once you and the possum get to know each other, you will become great friends.
- I also think that there should be possums because there is no need to kill them unless people are poor/homeless and have no food then that's a reason to kill a possum.

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  1. Hi Cerenity!

    I like that you have taken a different view on this issue that what is presented in the information. Well done on taking a new perspective and for showing that you are taking time to think about it and form an opinion. I wonder if possums would be very nice to eat...?

    Nicky :)