Friday, 8 June 2018

Girls Tai Chi Reflection!

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IALT: Reflect about Tai Chi on Wednesday!

On Wednesday we had Tai Chi with Mr Gordon. We always start off by doing our stances and forms before we get into another thing. After that we got a chair and we shared what we done at CAMP!

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I really enjoyed finding out what other people liked about camp and what they didn't really like about camp. Something that I also enjoyed at Tai Chi was that Mr Gordon was telling us these different stories and one of the stories that he told us was that his son couldn't go to camp because he was sick and he didn't want everyone else to get sick so he ended up staying home and missed out on there camp. We also found out the Mr Gordon's son was going to the same camp as up but we went a week after them!

something that I didn't really like at Tai Chi was that we didn't have time to play a game because we were so into the different stories that Mr Gordon was telling us about.
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