Wednesday, 27 June 2018


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IALT: Reflect about my day at school today

Today we finished school early! Some people stayed at school until 3:00pm so that the little kids can get picked up by there parents and a lot of the parents were busy so Mrs Kelly decided to put on a movie in the hall for those who stayed back and we watched PLANET 51!

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I went home but then ended up going back to school since it was SO, SO BORING! I was there for the ending of the movie but I watched it A LOT of times when I was little so I pretty much new the movie. It was actually cool how Leilani hasn't watched it before because I got to spoil it and tell her about it since it was nearly to the end... But she did want to know so yeah! 

ALSO we had school photos! I was in the front...AGAIN! For some reason, i'm always getting put in the front but thats okay! We also had a student leader school photo! It was AWESOME too.

I enjoyed my half a day today!

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