Wednesday, 20 June 2018


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This week we have been learning about MATARIKI. Now, what is Matariki? Well Matariki is a cluster of seven stars and it also stands for a Maori new year. In English Matariki means the eyes of god( Mata ariki). This week we are doing jigsaw which is when you get into groups like this:

Everyone got to choose one topic that they wanted to work on. After that, you a put into another group which is the topic that you are working on. My topic that I chose was Comparing Matariki and Waitangi Day. We are using a venn diagram to sort our ideas out! After you find information about the topic you are working on, you share back with your group that you were put into first. For example, in my group is myself, Suave, Stephney, Grace, Akih, Carra, Teresa and Mason. 

One thing that I'm most excited about is learning more about matariki and the Maori new year! Also the light trail that happens every year near the Glen innes Library. Click here to see a video of the light trail!

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