Friday, 8 June 2018

Inquiry with Ms. Fepuleai!

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IALT: Reflect about what I learn in Inquiry with Ms. Fepuleai!

Today we had Inquiry with Ms. Fepuleai and we were learning about Gravity. We got 2 basketballs, 2 tennis balls, a piece of paper and a piece of scrunched up paper to examine how gravity works! There was one words that Ms. Fepuleai said which was Density. What do you think these words means? Well your about to find out!
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Using a piece of paper and a piece of scrunched up paper, we used them to find out which one is going to drop on the ground first. With the scrunched up paper it would automatically fall to the ground. But, when you drop the paper, it is like a parachute. This is because the air is pushing down on the paper making it float but if we tested it outside, both papers would float away. 

Look at the picture below. If the lady on the top was to drop piece of scrunched up paper, it would go on the Earth, RIGHT? But if you see the people with the yellow and dark brown shirts, if they drop a piece of scrunched up paper, won't it fall down instead of on the Earth? No. This is because in the center of the Earth, there is LIKE a magnet this is attracted to everything! 

If you want to learn more about Gravity, click the link to find more information:

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Well I hope you learned something about gravity.

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