Monday, 18 December 2017

Day 1 activity 2 Setting sail SLJ

Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!
This is a short letter to my friend telling them about my voyage to New Zealand on a waka! Keep reading for more information.

Dear Akanesi,
This is the day that I will be sailing to a new country and wanted to say my goodbye by this letter. This is where I get to experience the life outdoors and see the native things that are around me. This is going to be a long ride but at least I get to see the different things that I haven't seen yet. I'm kind of scared because you never know what will happen, there might be a storm. I'm also kind of frightened to go to a new country because I don't know anyone there and it will kind of be hard to make friends. Wish me luck on my new Adventure!

This is a letter to my friend akanesi. As you can see I put in pictures to represent that I was imagining to travel to a new country. I explained what's going to happening on the ride and told them how I felt. 

How was this letter?

What else should I add in it?

Thanks for reading and more blogs posts will be coming so stay tuned!

Ka kite ano...


  1. Aloha Cerenity
    My name is Sarah and I go to Glen Innes school, What a beautiful letter about your voyage to NZ. You are an amazing writer. How would you feel if you actually left your family behind to leave to another country?

  2. Hi again Cerenity! I like the way you have examined what you have written - stating how you explained what is happening, why it is happening and how you felt. That is great to see you reflecting on your writing!

    It was a fantastic letter. You could try writing another one from New Zealand. As though you have just arrived in New Zealand and are reflecting on the long voyage. That way you could tell the person what had or hadn't happened.

    What do you think the settlers did as soon as they arrived in New Zealand?

    Thanks, blog soon. Billy