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Reading Jigsaw - Volcanoes!

Reading Jigsaw - Volcanoes:
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WALT: Analyse skills to select key information to summarise the cause and effects of a Natural Disaster

On Friday we have just finished doing our Reading Jigsaw. In this session we have have explained the Causes and Effects of the topic that we have. 

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This is my definition of Volcanic eruptions:

A Volcano is a Mountain or a hill having a crater or vent with lava, rock fragments, ash and gas that has been erupted from the Earth’s crust.

This is the cause of how a Volcanic eruption happens:

When the heat rises inside the Volcano, the lava tries to escape depending on the Volcanoes slopes which causes an eruption. The energy in the Volcano makes gas and dust which puts more pressure and helps the lava explode. The lava also tries to find a way out of the Volcano and since it is high temperature, the lava rises and erupts.

These are the effects of a Volcanic eruption:

  1. People’s houses get burnt down by lava/It damages people’s homes.
  2. Smoke and ash can kill people if they breathe it in.
  3. Volcanoes trigger Tsunamis, Earthquakes and Rockfalls.
  4. When a Volcano erupts, the lava cools down and it turns into land or stone.

One thing that I really enjoyed about our Reading Jigsaw was that I got to learn more about Volcanoes and I also got to got to learn how a Volcano happens. One thing that I found challenging was finding the key information in the text and summarising it into my own words.

QUESTION: What do you know about Volcanoes?

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