Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Nan's 68th Birthday tomorrow!

Nan's 68 Birthday tomorrow:
Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!


Tomorrow is my nan's birthday and she is turning 68! We will be celebrating her birthday by going to Genghis Khan next week since it is also going to be my cousins birthday on the 29 of July so we will be celebrating my nan and his birthday next Saturday. If you don't know what Genghis Khan is a buffet where you can choose your own food and you can eat as much as you can! Till then, my nan will be going to visit her uncle that is in the hospital and is very, very sick. She really wanted to go see him for her birthday so my uncle will be taking her while me and my siblings will be staying home with my mum. After that they will be going out to lunch which i'm not sure where. 

Anyways...Hope my nan enjoys her birthday! She has done everything for us and she has been looking after us since we were little. Enjoy your day without us because I know you want to get away for a few hours!

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