Wednesday, 4 July 2018

My Day today!

Kia ora and welcome back to my blog!

IALT: Reflect about my day today at School!

Well, it was such a fun day at school today... we got to do some work that wasn't on our netbooks and we got to get our hands dirty with paint and everyone was having A LOT of fun! In my group, it was Aletheia's first time making a movie using Imovie so I showed her how to do it and she was pretty good at it! Also, Amon was pretty confident when he was speaking and reading his script. Even Aja, she was able to project her voice when we were recording even though we had to do her part over and over again. And also Tevita, he was really confident in talking and project his voice so that we could hear it on the ipad clearly.

My group was AMAZING and I so glad that I got to work with these people. We had our laughs and jokes but we still finished off the work that was expected!

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